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Wrap-Around Multi-Format Case Packer


Side bottle feeding method: small area, simplify the conveying system before the loading machine, and reduce the investment cost of the whole line equipment.

Three-stage decompression is adopted: full decompression of the product, accurate alignment between the bottle cap and the product, 100% success rate of the bottle capturing; after the product enters the packing process, it is in a stable state of pressure-free transportation, basically eliminating the phenomenon of bottle pouring.

German IGUS linear positioning system: high positioning accuracy, accurate movement, effectively reduce the impact and vibration of equipment operation, greatly improve the stability and reliability of equipment operation; no lubrication, maintenance, good health, long service life.


The main drive adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and PLC control technology, combined with man-machine interface, realizes stepless speed regulation. The main control adopts Mitsubishi programmable controller, which has fast communication ability and powerful diagnostic function, and ensures the reliability of the system. Easy to operate, compact and reasonable structure, high degree of automation.

Reliable operation: This machine is grasped by special pneumatic components. Through mechanical operation, pneumatic and electrical control, the product can be accurately and reliably loaded into cartons from the bottle feeding table.

Running smoothly: The whole packing process is driven independently by variable-frequency motors by different mechanical mechanisms to make the product lift, translation, landing, and combined with pneumatic, electrical and optical control to achieve automatic operation. Coordination of movement, smooth and accurate movement.

The pressure-free control design is adopted for the conveying passage.

It meets the requirements of food hygiene: most of the moving parts adopt humanized design without oil lubrication for life, which reduces a lot of user's use cost. The centralized lubrication scheme is adopted in a small part of the parts requiring user's refueling and lubrication, which is convenient to refuel and easy to maintain in daily life. At the same time, the noise is low and there is no oil pollution.

Manual feeding, automatic feeding and continuous rapid feeding are provided in the feeding operation.

The scratch operation has manual operation and automatic operation. Safe operation, small site occupation, large operating space.

It has a variety of protective functions and stops in time when a fault occurs. Such as: automatic shutdown waiting when the box is not filled with the box; automatic shutdown waiting when the bottle is not full on the bottle delivery platform; automatic shutdown when the bottle is misplaced with the carton; automatic shutdown when the operator enters the safety isolation line, etc.


Model No.: FPM-CLA

Packing form: carton packing

Production speed: 16 boxes per minute

Packing Layer Number: One Layer (According to Customer Requirements)

Model size: 2200x long, 1880x wide and 3000mm high

Equipment power: 5.9 kw

Control power supply: 24V DC

Compressed air: 0.4-0.6 Mpa, 30L/MIN

Equipment weight: 2300Kg

Basic configuration

IGUS Linear Guideway in Germany

German OMRON Photoelectric Control System

Mitsubishi PLC and Control System

Villam Touch Screen Control

SEW Main Motor

AIRTAC Pneumatic Component

Schneider Low Voltage Electrical Apparatus

Mitsubishi Inverter

All stainless steel in contact with bottles and cartons; body carbon steel welded, surface paint treatment

Plexiglass protective shield for device

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