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Automatic heavy bag packing line

Brief Introduction

Automatic heavy bag packing and palletizing production line is composed of weighing machine, 

automatic bagging machine, automatic sewing machine, check weigher and automatic 

palletizing machine. The production line mainly completes the automatic packaging process 

of packing packaged small bags (150-1000g) into woven bags and sewing bags according to 

the requirements (single or double warehouses, single or double rows). This production line 

realizes the full automation operation from small package of bulk materials to woven bag 

packing, saves the input of manpower, material and financial resources, reduces the 

production cost for customers and improves the production efficiency. It is widely used in 

the packaging of laundry powder, salt, sugar, seeds, milk powder and granules. It is the 

realization of all major companies. Automatic heavy bag palletizing line selection 

equipment line.


Equipment Composition

Weighing Machine - Vertical Bag Packing Machine - Transition Conveyor - Horizontal 

Conveyor - Double Layer Inclined Conveyor - High Speed Conveyor - Counting Packing 

Machine - Automatic Packing Machine for Woven Bags - Sewing Machine - Output of 

Woven Bags

Production process

Small bag products - horizontal conveying - double-layer inclined conveying - high-speed 

conveying - counting bags - automatic packaging of woven bags - sewing bags - output of 

woven bags



Suitable for packing materials such as washing powder, salt, sugar, seeds, milk powder, etc.



Model No.: FPM-3

Packaging materials: PP, kraft paper bags.

Packing weight: pouch 150-1000g, big bag 25-50kg

Packing speed: 600 bags / time

Arrangement: single storehouse or double warehouse, single row or double row

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