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Metal Detector with Rejector


Using new designed detection coil technology, shorter the conveyor length and save the installation space 

Using mirror surface stainless steel, laser cutting technology, appearance looks beautiful and smart 

Stronger stainless steel structure, obey rules of hygiene and food safety and easy to clean 

Compact conveyor design, easy to assemble and disassemble 

Double Channels metal detection coils and using micro controller 

Modular Design meet with requirement of custom made, ensure after sales service simple 

Imported high quality components and parts to ensure machine’s stability 

Anti-interference ability strong, suitable for bad working environment 

Automatic rejector for option including air pusher, flapper, swing arm etc.



Designed for detecting all kinds of metals in food, pharmaceutical products such as quick-frozen food, dehydrated vegetables, meat, cooked food, sauce etc.

Designed for detecting all kinds of metals in chemical, rubber, tobacco products etc.

Designed for keeping equipments safe to avoid equipments broken by metals.



Model No.: YS-4010AR 

Theory: Balance Coil 

Aperture Size: 400mm(W)X100mm(H) 

Sensitivity without product’s effect: Fe Φ0.7mm; Non-FeΦ1.2mm; SUS304Φ1.5mm 

Max. Detection Width: 360mm 

Max. Detection Height: 70mm 

Belt Width: 310mm 

Belt Material: PU, Food Grade 

Belt Speed: 25m/min. 

Rejector: Single Swing Arm reject unqualified products

Power Source: AC220V;50Hz;1P 

Dimension: 1300mm(L)x840mm(W)x900mm(H) 

Weight: 120kg

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