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Walk Through Metal Detector


Large LCD screen display with remote controller operate

18 exploration zones: twelve independent exploration zones around the gatepost and six complex exploration zones in the middle of gate

Among exploration zones, detection uniformity without blind spots

Two column alarm regions (built-in ultra-high LED lamps): display the location of objective detected by metal detector

Sensitivity in every exploration zones can be adjusted separately from 0-99 to getting rid of interference of scheduled metals

Modular Design make installation convenience and easy to rule out failure.

Strong Anti-Interference: Digital and analog circuit design to prevent wrong alarm

Self-diagnosis function: built-in self-diagnostic procedures, power-on self test, if there is an error, error will be displayed on LCD screen.

Password protection function: only authorized personnel can operate metal detector

Statistics Functions: intelligent counter will offer pass through volume and alarm numbers.


Model No: MD-500

Tunnel Size: 2010(H)x710(W)x500(D)mm

Power Consumption: Less than 35W

Operation Temperature: -20 to 45 centidegree

Power Source: AC220V; 50Hz; 1P

Weight: about 85kg

Dimensions: 2200x810x500mm

Package Size: 2270x655x200mm

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