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Flat Metal Detector


Flat metal detector adopted advanced medium frequency fixed amplitude magnetic field technology, integrated digital control circuit, miniaturized size of metal detector and stronger the functions, good stability with good anti-disturbance ability, higher sensitivity, performances is much better than imported similar products.

Flat metal detector can work with belt conveyor together, easy to install and no need debug sensor. it can detect all kinds of metal impurities mixed in materials including iron, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel etc.

Flat metal detector is easy to install and don’t need debug the sensor. Novel design, It is suitable for detect metals mixed in wood before they enter into chipping machine.

Advanced micro computer control to finish detection online, display metal alarm.

Self Diagnosis for stoppage, stoppage will be alarmed and display, detection signals have automatically adjustment function.

Sensitivity of metal detector can be continued adjusted and it has auto reset and manual reset functions.

Eliminate function of false alarm of conveyor start



Used for online detect whether materials mixed with metal impurities or not, so it can ensure that product’s quality and protect equipment with people safety

Used in wooden, rubber, plastic, food, pharmaceutical, tobacco and airport security inspection industries.



Power Supply: AC220V±15%; 50±1Hz;1P

Consumed Power: ≦25VA

Environment Temperature: -10℃~60℃

Environment Humidity: 20~85%RH (40℃)

Signals Output: Relay 2 normally-closed contact, 2 normally-open contact, rated capacity of contact is V max=250V, I max=3A

Conveyor Belt Speed: 3~30m/min.(The best speed range is 15~30m/min. to avoid sensitivity decrease)



If there are other metal detector installed in your factory, user should declare it when order machine. Our engineer will choose a suitable working frequency for you, under this circumstances, it can decrease the environment disturbance and product effect at the most.



Model No.: F5-C800

Belt Width: 800mm

Sensitivity: Fe 1.5mm-20.0mm(Detection height 0-300mm from sensor surface)

Other size of flat metal detector can be custom made according to customer’s requirement.

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