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Digital Needle Detector Machine


Adopting auto-compensation and high accuracy sensors to ensure detection ability of machine become much stronger and there is no blind area existing in detection zone

Stronger magnetic field loop design to get a better anti-interference ability

Using latest TFT display monitor to display menu perfect and display results are much better than LCD

TFT broken needle position display monitor show the location of broken needles from X axis to Y axis of garments, it will be easy to find out the broken needles

The protective device against side running of conveyor belt to ensure belt not leave the normal track

Intelligent start function to avoid press start buttons frequently and prolong the working life of machines

Report Management to offer daily detection report and give a assistance on production management and quality management; printer is for option

Save power function can stop machine automatically when nobody work or no garments detection


Used to detect broken needles mixed in garments and prevent consumers hurt from broken needles.

Improve product’s quality control and avoid huge claims for unqualified products


Model No.: ND-6010T

Theory: Magnetic Induction

Detection Width:600mm

Detection Height: 100mm

Sensitivity: Feφ0.8mm

Belt Width: 570mm

Belt Speed: appr. 40m/min.

Power: 90W

Working Environment: Temperature: 0-40℃; Humidity: 10-90% Non-condensing

Power Source: AC220V;50HZ;1P

Dimension: 1520x1050x840mm

Weight: 230kg


Broadcaster; Scanner; Administration Authority; Printer

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