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X-RAY Metal Detector for handbag


XF-9080HD industrial high-definition X-ray inspection equipment, suitable for detecting foreign objects in shoes, handbags, clothing, toys, cordyceps and Chinese herbal medicines, ice cream, tin cans, glass cans, bulk goods, etc. and can be applied to handbags, briefcases, Security inspection for small parcels such as mail and courier.



Model No.: XF-9008HD

Channel size: 650mm (width) × 400mm (height)

Max. Detection Size: 620mm (width) x380mm (height)

Conveyor speed: 0.4 m / s

Picture element size: 1.6mm

Sensitivity: 0.8mm diameter metal wire, broken needle tip, foreign body impurities, clearly visible



Ray beam scan direction: bottom illuminated

Digital X-ray: tube current 0.3 ~ 1.25mA (adjustable); tube voltage 100 kV (adjustable)

Cooling / working cycle: sealed oil cooling / 100%



Leakage radiation dose rate: less than 1μSv / h

Efficient radiation protection: Adopt four layers of staggered, wear-resistant, strong lead curtain, ultra-thick 2-5mm lead plate to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment



Image processing functions: black and white color switching, image inversion, image pull back, overall magnification and local magnifying glass

Image database: JPEG, BMP, BITMAP format export, free setting of storage path, 100,000 pictures storage (expandable)

Ultra-thin objects: imaging of ultra-thin objects

Multi-level user management: administrators, operators, and maintenance personnel set hierarchical permissions to ensure data security

Host noise: 55dB (A)

Operating cycle: 100% without preheating

Operating system: Windows7 operating system



Dimension: 1650x725x1165mm

Packing size: 1850x 800x1220mm

Working voltage: 220VAC (± 10%) 50 ± 3Hz

Power loss: 0.5KW (maximum)

Noise level: <55dB

Storage temperature / humidity: -20 60 20% 95% (non-condensing)


Fully advanced: product performance parameters reach international advanced standards, high-definition images, multi-directional imaging eliminate observing blind spots

High Quality accessories: Adopt British import acquisition system, Japan Hamamatsu original detector, digital ray source and other high-end high-quality brands, stable quality performance

Software processing: High-performance X-ray image processing system, high-speed algorithm of FPGA chip, high-definition display with large screen and enlarged perspective function, friendly man-machine interface improves detection accuracy

High-speed inspection: Conveying line speed 12m ~ 42m / min, over inspection efficiency 600pcs ~ 2400pcs / h

Safety and environmental protection: The equipment meets the safety and environmental standards, and the radiation leakage rate conforms to European standards, which is higher than the national standard.

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