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BESTA Needle Detector machine


    BESTA needle & ferrous metal detector is one of the leading products in world market with verified sensitivity, approved performance and reliable stability. BESTA needle & ferrous metal detector were approved by GAP.



    BESTA detector minimize influence from outside electrical signals and vibrations

    Simplified control panel for convenient control operation

    The speed of belt is fast enough (45m/min.) to carry a plenty of orders

    The system is designed not to react with nonmetal (nickel, brass, bronze and aluminum) parts such as Zippers, button or other accessories.

    If they are any fault materials pass through, it will detect them and intervene the process

    Metal Detection is available even poly bag or plain paper box has packed it up

    A SPECIAL CPU has been installed in the inside of control for complete operation that can’t be achieved without more than 15 years of various experience and know-how

    BESTA new control has been dramatically developed to use with irregular voltage level without automatic voltage regulator



    Used to detect broken needles in dress shirt, Casual shirt, men's wear, women's wear, jacket, underwear, socks, cap, shoes etc.



    Model No.: CBS-400MAS

    Sensitivity: Fe Φ1.0mm

    Control of Detection: 10 Steps on the Switch

    Passing Width: 450mm

    Passing Height: 100mm

    Belt Speed: 45m/min.

    Conveyor Length: 1440mm

    Alarm: Buzzer, Lamp, Belt Stop

    Power Source: AC220V; 50/60Hz; 2PhasesPower Consumption: 90W/H

    Weight: 210kg

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