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Drum Filling Machine


Autocorrection for next time filling when finished first time filling to ensure next filling volume get close to target

Drum full inspection to avoid liquid overflow

Statistics functions offer accumated weight, quantity and it can connect with PC to manage data (for option)

Easy to calibrate on weighing terminal; Easy to preset parameters on touch screen (for option)

Multistage Filling improved filling accuracy very much and choose multistage filling as fast/slow or slow/fast/slow

Throtting Device prevented liquid splash effectively when filling low viscosity liquid

Leakage Protection Function: High viscosity filling mouth solved the leakage problem when filling high viscosity liquid; Low viscosity filling mouth equiped with oil drip cup and gas collecting device

Collide Drum protection function avoid losses when filling mouth decline didn't align with drum mouth

Fill mode can be filling at above drum mouth or filling at inside of drum mouth or filling below drum liquid surface to avoid foam coming (for option) 


Drum Filling Scale is based on weighing scale to  fill liquid in bulk into all kinds of containers, buckets or plastic drums, it is suitable for fixed volume filling from 30L-1000L

Widely used in chemical, food, pesticide industries etc.

Suitable for filling Coating, paint, printing ink, adhesive, curing agent, resin, dye, detergent, oil, glycerin, lubricating oil, edible oil, essence, solvents, additives, food additives, pesticides and other hazardous chemical products etc.


Model No.: ADF-300L1

Filling Mode: Filling at above liquid surface (Top Filling)

Filling Nozzle: Single Filling nozzle with Single Drum

Filling Nozzle Structure: FB Type Filling Nozzle (Stainless steel 304;Teflon gasket and sealing ring; NPT connection)

Connection Mode: 1 1/2" NPT or DN40 Flange (Liquid infeed pressure <6kg/m2)

Liquid viscosity: 15000CPS

Filling Volume: 50-300kg/drum

Filling Speed: 40-60drums/hour (Liquid flow speed must be ensure 300L/min.) \

Filling Accuracy: 0.2% (Depends on multistage filling chose and liquid infeed status)

Drum Type: 200L drum with small mouth or open drum

Air Source: 4-6kg/m2; 50L/min.

Power Source: AC110V/220V; 0.5KW

Working Environment: Temperature:-20℃-45℃;Humidity≤95% (No condense)

Dangerous Zone: BDF Filling System can be used in Class 1, Division 2, Group A, B, C, D anti-explosive zone, Anti-Explosive Class: ExdIIBT4

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