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Automatic Weighing Filling Machine


Automatic Weighing Filling Machine is composed by tank, weighing platform, conveyor and PLC control system; It is mainly used to all kinds of liquid filling with high filling accuracy

Working Process: Conveyor transport the empty bottles to weighing platform, weighing system will automatic tare the empty bottle, then accroding to preset target weight to begin liquid filling, when filling weight arrive at the target stop filling and move bottles out of weighing platform to conveyor

It has double filling speed control, fast feeding and slow feeding; In order to get best filling accuracy, preset different filling speed according to liquid features

It has automatic inspection functions to ensure no bottle no filling and stop filling when meet traffic jam on production line

It use PLC control system and use touch screen operation, all the parameters can be preset on touch screen, simple and easy

All the contact parts of liquid used stainless steel 304, easy clean; If your liquid don’t allow touch with metals, offer you non-metal contact parts



Model No.: ADF-05L2

Filling Range: 50-4000g

Filling Accuracy: 3-6g

Filling Speed: 4 bottles/min. (refer filling water based on 4L/bottle)

Conveyor Length: 2400mm

Conveyor Height: 750±25mm

Power Source: AC220V;50HZ;1P

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