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Automatic Carton Machine

This machine is suitable for automatic cartoning aluminum-plastic plates, round bottles, heterosexual bottles, cosmetics, auto parts, toothpaste, office supplies, poker, etc., or similar products It can automatically complete the folding of the manual, opening carton, insert products into carton, print batch number, seal carton box.

The machine adopts PLC to control, the photosensors monitor actions of various parts, and automatically rejects the unqualified products. If there is an abnormality, it can automatically stop and display the reason, so as to eliminate the fault in time. This machine can be used alone or with the blister packaging machine and its hot melt device or other equipment is used in conjunction to form a complete production line.

The product enters the carton box not in right location, it will stop automatically. The PLC automatically displays the fault, stops machine and give alarm, showing how to operate and maintenance methord.
No paper carton box, no manual, no product automatic stop work
Easy to change different products
Main drive has overload protection device
PLC automatically displays the cartoning speed and count finished product quantity
No product or no manual, automatic reject current unqualified product
Model No.: ZH
Power Source: AC380V;50Hz; 3Phase; 4-wires
Total power: 1.5KW
Production Capacity: host running speed 50-100 boxes / min
Paper folding machine running speed 50-100 boxes / min
Air consumption; 20m3/h (pressure 0.5-0.7mpa)
Packaging material; carton quality; 250-300g/m2 (depend on carton size)
Carton Size: Max. (LxWxH) 200x90x60mm
Mini.: (LxWxH) 50x20x15mm
Manual: Paper weight 55-65g/m2
Manual Size: Max. (LxW) 260x190mm
Mini.: (LxW) 100x100mm
Dimension: 3300x1350x1650mm
Weight: about 1.2 tons
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