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Banding Machine


Banding machine use paper or OPP film as bands material, it is suitable for banding paper money, documents, book, newspapers, boxes, cards, manual, labels and stationery etc.


Hot-melt paper bands can be used for banding paper money

Micro-computer control, performance is reliable

Photosensor control operation, easy to use

It is manual and or automatic working mode

Strapping tension and band circle size are adjustable

Whole machine is smart and beautiful

Multi-banding mode: single band, double bands, cross-shaped bands etc.


Model No.: CS-2100A

Band Width: 30mm

Band Length: 150-200m

Bands material: paper or OPP film

Max. Package Size (WxH): 460x200mm

Min. Package Size (WxH): 30x10mm

Bands Core Diameter: 40mm/52mm

Bands Outer Diameter: 155mm

Strap Speed: <3seconds for single band

Strapping Tension: 5-40N (Adjustable)

Bands Sealing: Hot-melt sealing ends

Dimension: 646x364x474mm

Weight: 32kg

Power Source: AC220V;50HZ;1P; 80W

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