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Metal Separator for plastic industry

Metal Separator is based on electric induction theory to detect metals, which can detect ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. Metals includes iron, Copper, aluminum, tin, stainless steel etc. Because metals mixed in recycle material, it will be very easy to destroy production equipment; Metal impurity can result in injection molding machine and extruder screw, cylinder body, nozzles broken; Metal impurity maybe hurt consumers, it will result in huge claims. Therefore, using recycle material must consider risk of metal impurity and try to decrease this risk. The simple way is use metal separator to detect and automatic reject these metal impurity.



Often jam injection molding machine’s nozzles

Damage the screws

Scratch cylinder of injection molding machine

Scratch products and leave traces

Jam mold infeed nozzles

Increase pressure of hot flow path and block flow

Scratch mould mirror

Break the precise mould

Unqualified products occur due to products mixed metals



Protect Production Equipment

Improve production efficiency

Improve the utilization efficiency of raw material

Improve product quality

Decrease production equipment repair costs and shutdown losses



Material come from hopper or feeder freefall to pipe of metal detector, if no metals in material, material will go through metal detector to qualified product pipe directly; if detected metals, metal detector separator will automatic block the pipe of qualified products, so these material mixed with metals will flow to unqualified product pipe; When finished this, separator will open the pipe of qualified products immediately. Sensitivity of metal detector can be adjusted according to requirement.



Germany Technology and made in China, it can automatic separator ferrous and non-ferrous metals from raw materials.

High sensitivity, it can detect 1.2mm metals granules and metal wires

Raw material can be filled to metal detector via automatic feeder, material mixed metals will be rejected out

Metal Separator can be installed on production equipment directly or working at side of pulverizer, pulverizing material can go through metal detector directly and separate the metals from material to avoid metals go into injection molding machine

Operation is simple; Hopper and scaffold are optional



Widely used in plastic granules metal detection and automatic separate the metal impurity



Model No.: MD-100R

Pipe Diameter: Φ100mm

Sensitivity: Φ1.2mm

Flow Rate: 2000kg/h

Rejection Time: 0.3-5seconds (adjustable)

Material Temperature: ≤80℃

Working Environment Temperature: -20℃-60℃

Material of Machine: A3 steel plate with painted

Contact Parts Material: Nylon, carbon steel or stainless steel, aluminum

Air Source: 3-6bar, 8mm air pipe

Air consumption: 0.4L/time

Power: 10W

Power Wire: 3m, triangle plug

Dimension: 450x310x430mm(L*W*H)

Power Source: AC220V;50HZ;1P




Moveable scaffold

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