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Automatic Liquid Piston Filling Packing Machine

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine is used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cosmetics, agriculture and other industries, such as fruit and vegetable drinks, soy milk, acetone, glutaraldehyde, shampoo, etc.

This liquid filling machine is composed of PLC, touch screen, photosensor, stainless steel frame etc.; It is designed based on piston filling theory; integrated design and advanced automatic control to ensure high accuracy liquid filling.
High filling accuracy with widely filling range
Compact design save installation space
Special designed location control system to avoid photosensor count wrong
Special designed Lead screw to ensure rise and down steadily
Bottle clamp to lock bottle neck to ensure bottle no movement when filling
Automatic infeed liquid, no need manual intervention
Touch screen operation system, easy to operate and modify parameters
Clean and repair convenient and maintenance costs is low
Optional Automatic self-clean function make clean very simple
Model No.: HSP-8
Pump Type: Piston
Filling Range: 100-1000ml
Filling Accuracy: ≤±1%
Nozzle Quantity: 8pcs
Nozzle Diameter: 16mm
Production Capacity: 1000-150BPH (refer 500ml water filling, different filling volume, different liquid all affect this data, it is just for reference)
Conveyor Length: 1900mm
Conveyor Height: 900±50mm
Power Source: AC380V;50Hz; 3Phases
Air source: 0.5-0.8Mpa

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