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Automatic Pallet Drum Filling System

Used for auto filling 4*200L drum or 1000L IBC drums on pallet. It can auto find bung hole, auto uncap, auto filling and auto capping again.




Use famous Proface touch screen and FATEK PLC control, easy to operate and working reliable

All the parameters can be setting on touch screen,easy to edit

It has automatic filling and manual filling mode for choice

Statistics functions include history records of filling, alarm records and cumulative count

Two stages filling speed (fast/slow) can ensure good filling accuracy

Automatic freefall weight compensation function improve filling accuracy

Based on different liquid, use different filling methord such as filling on above the liquid surface or filling underneath liquid surface from drum bottom to reduce the foam generate or overflow

Use penumatic filling nozzle with an drip cup to avoid liquid leakage

Use flange or NPT connect ion, fast and easy to connect with user's infeed pipe

Bump protection function to avoid nozzle broken when nozzle did not align with drum hole

All the liquid contact parts are stainless steel 304 (SS316 material for option), non-contact parts are painted steel or aluminium alloy structure

Interlock safety protection function

Anti-explosive Level: ExdIIBT4, suitable for working in Class 1,Division 2, anti-explosive zones A,B,C,D


Drum Filling Machine is based on weighing scale to measure liquid weight filled into all kinds of containers, such as drum, IBC etc.

Widely used in chemical, food, pesticide industries etc.

Suitable for filling Coating, paint, printing ink, adhesive, curing agent, resin, dye, detergent, oil, glycerin, lubricating oil, edible oil, essence, solvents, additives, food additives, pesticides and other hazardous chemical products etc.


Model No.: ADF/BDF-1200L4A

Filling Range: 300Lx4 drums on pallet and 1000L IBC

Filling Mode: Filling at above liquid surface

Connection Mode: DN40 Flange or NPT (Liquid infeed pressure <6Mpa)

Filling Accuracy: ±0.1% F.S. (Depends on slow feeding settting and liquid infeed status)

Production Capacity: 200L drum, 30-50 drums/hour; 1000L IBC, 6-10 IBC/hour (Liquid infeed speed must be 20 cubic meter per hour at least)

Penumatic Nozzle: Stainless steel 304 nozzle with Teflon sealing material

Power Source: AC380V;50Hz;3P;20A

Air Source: 4-6kg/m2

Dimension: 8470(L)x2856(W)x3210(H)mm

Chain conveyors for automatic move pallet online


Buyer should install the machines by themselves and seller can give them guide; quotation doesn't include installation costs.

Buyer should prepare soft pipe and flange to connect with our machines to infeed liquid; Buyer should prepare transfer pump to supply liquid to our machine and it should has reflux device; buyer should prepare separate power source AC380V, 3Phases; 50Hz; 20A and 4-6kgf/cm2 compressed air.

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