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Pneumatic Screw Capping Machine

Pneumatic screw capping machine for auto bottle capping


Steady and reliably quality of screw capping, easy adjustment and changer-over, ideal for many specifications and production of small batches

Automatic induct container for screw capping, operate easily

Automatically disconnect the air compression supply in non-working state, effectively preventing by misoperation

Torsion protection function can maintain a constant torque during the screw capping, leave the cap damaged from torque impact

Compactly ended secondary screw capping features design can avoid the same container multiple screw cap, protection caps complete effective



Small Bottle Cap Size: Diameter 10-20mm

Big Bottle Cap Size: Diameter 20-40mm;40-60mm 



Model No.: SCM-100

Max. Bottle Size:  Height 300mm

Max. Bottle Diameter: 100mm

Max. Cap Size: Diameter 60mm

Air Source: 0.2-0.6Mpa

Torque: 6kgf/cm2

Torque Control: 20 grade control

Dimension: 380x170x500mm

Net Weight: 16kg

Power Source: AC220V; 50Hz; 1P

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