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Digital Liquid Filling Machine


Digital-Filler use a gear pump concept as a metering device to fill correct amounts of gel or liquids into containers

Filling volume, filling speed, interval time can be changed according to filling requirement

Two filling speed levels, Fast filling at the beginning and slow filling at the end to eliminate the bubbles

Human interface is achieved using a combined keypad and LCD display configuration

20 Product preset and easy to edit and recall

Pump unit easily dismantled for cleaning

Installed with conveyor to be automatic filling machine



Used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cosmetics, agriculture and other industries, such as  fruit and vegetable drinks, soy milk, acetone, glutaraldehyde, shampoo, etc.



Model No.: DLF-100

Pump Type: Stainless steel 304 Gear Pump (SS316 Gear Pump for option)

Filling Volume: 10ml-11,000ml/Time

Filling Speed: 100ml 24P/min.; 300ml 16P/min.; 1000ml 10P/min.

Accuracy : ±0.5-1.0%

Nozzle:  Standard nozzle 10mm

Power Source:  AC220V; 50Hz; 1P; 250W

Dimension: 310x480x310mm

Net Weight: 18kg



Standard Filling Mouth: Diameter 8mm; 6mm; 4mm; Note: Suitable for water and general liquid

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