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Heavy Duty Check Weigher for Carton Box

7" Color LCD touch screen display and easy to operate
High Accuracy Load Cell to insure accuracy
150 Product preset and easy to edit and recall
Password Protect all the data
Automatic Zero-Tracking
Quick-locking and fixing make conveyor is easy to be assembled, checked and cleaned.
English/Chinese/spanish Languages operation system
Painted Steel with aluminium alloy structure
Widely used in food, pharmaceutical and consumable products industries for online weight check and quality control.
Used to in-motion weight check for all packed products, especially for heavy duty bags
Model No.: AC-30HR
Weighing Range: 0.3-30kg
Accuracy: ±15g
Speed: Max. 30pcs/min.
Belt Width: 400mm
Weighing Table Conveyor Length: 600mm
Rejector Conveyor Length: 1000mm
Conveyor Height: 600±50mm
Power Source:AC220V±10%; 50Hz; 1P; 10A
Reject System:Roller Conveyor + Air Pusher
Working Environment: Temperature 0-40ºC

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