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Aluminum Foil cap Sealing Machine


Low EMI Design: Decreased harmonic pollution to power grid largely, improved performance and stability of induction sealing machine itself and protected other equipments works well

Anti-Electrical-Surge Design: When machine power on, current will rise to rated value slowly, no hard shock to power grid, at the same time, to meet its high-power requirement

Anticorrosion Design of main machine: Stainless steel 304 cover, component circuit are isolated with cooling air passage (The upper layer is electric components circuit, it is hermetic, the lower layer is cooling air passage), effective on anticorrosion of electric components by corrosive gas, so it can increase machine’s reliability and working life, especially suitable for pesticide factory high corrosion area using.

Special Designed Heating Head: electromagnetism output stable and homogeneous, high efficiency. appearance and color is deep blue, any qualified heating head with deep blue color in future can work with main machine reliable, strong compatibility

Output voltage stable: When power supply fluctuate or load change strong, system will automatic stabilize output voltage of heating head, it won’t be too high and too low or suddenly high and suddenly low, ensure sealing results are uniform, avoid undesirable bottle sealing.

Stability and Reliability: It has special designed self-diagnostic and self-protection system, when over heat, over load, water shortage or power supply abnormal, it can self-protection timely, at the same time, offer sound-light alarm, so easy to know fault position accurately and help user check and trouble-shooting.

Human Operation Panel: Fully digital control, including memory function when power failed, digital display, light press operation panel, operation is simple and convenient 

Water Tank: It is used to offer circulating cooling water, real-time monitoring water-flow and water temperature, digital display water flow capacity and water temperature alternatively and alarm on fault (Water shortage or over heat) and self-diagnostic, ensure main machine and heating head working secular stability. 

Designed the best combination property water cooling induction sealing machine, it overcome sealing bottle diameter problems, which small bottle mouth and big bottle mouth cannot be compatible in one machine, running stable and suitable sealing requirements in different sized enterprises.



Model No.: ISM-1 (DG-4000A+)

Cooling Type: High speed water cooling

Power Supply: AC220V+/-10%; 50/60Hz; 1P 

Output Power: Max. 4000W (Adjustable) 

Sealing Bottle Mouth Diameter: Φ10mm~Φ140mm; withinΦ300mm custom made 

Sealing Speed: 50-750bottles/min. 

Height of Heating Head to floor: 760mm-1180mm

Net Weight: 76kg



Used to seal bottle and suitable for complicated-shape bottle sealing too.



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